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South America Adventures

Today 6/09/24 I put all my stuff in a little suitcase and am embarking on a month-long trip around South America. I plan to cover Colombia, Brazil , Argentina , Peru. I have a general idea of the places I want to go and the things I want to see but I don't have a strict itinerary, so to the angst of my parents... I'll see where things go.

Im gonna edit this post every few days with updates and photos.

Why am I doing this? Having just graduated from NYU (class of 24 baby!) I have virtually zero true responsibilities or obligations. This will definitely change soon, but I plan on taking advantage of the fortunate position I find myself in now.

Last time I traveled for a month in Europe I made so many great memories and met amazing people that I'm still friends with to this day! I have no doubt this trip will be an amazing experience.

Im looking forward to getting out of my comfort zone, saying yes to (almost) everything and making the most of my time.

Colombia (Medellin)

I had planned to go to Santa Marta (The North of Colombia) but I wasn't vaccinated against the yellow fever in time and I had to change my plan :/ . I went to Medellin from 6/10 - 6/14. My intention for this stop was to chill, meet new people while getting some good workouts in and eating great food, and I did just that.

In my room, I met Delphine a fellow solo traveler and content creator from Belgium , and an amazing human being. We shared many meals together and bonded over several things. From our parents HATING the places we want to go, to outgrowing old friends, to the shared experience of trying to be our own boss and living life to the fullest and on our terms.

In the hostel I also met Yotam (ex Israeli special forces). He was 10- 15 years older then me but we shared some great moments and ran into each other a bit at the gym and throughout the city. I loved his candidness and openness to new experiences, I envy his nonchalantness.

Yotam Also cooks a MEANNN steak, and I stole the recipe from him to cook for Delphine and I one night. The steak is so flavorful and so cheapp.